The annual festival of the department of Mechanical Engineering, IIT Bombay

Radiance 2015

The Annual Research and Technology Festival of the Department of Mechanical Engineering of IIT Bombay, or Radiance, was first initiated in the year 2007. Over the years, it has built its own legacy and reputation of being a platform for fostering brotherhood amongst the Mechanical Engineering fraternity across the nation. It is a stage for discussion of the challenges plaguing Mechanical Engineering, of the wide world of opportunities that lies before us, and of the innovative and creative ideas that just strike people, in the "Radiance" environment.

With visitors and guests from over 100 colleges and corporate companies, Radiance is just getting bigger and bigger. Thrilling competitions, innovative and fresh paper presentations, exciting hands-on workshops and exhibitions that are a treat to the eyes and many informal events to relax your mind after the technical overdose.

"Getting the best out of Mechanical Engineering"


The most exciting part of Radiance where you will be witnessing brilliant minds clash in a plethora of events that promise to be bigger and better than ever before. Quizzes, Algorithm Development, Modelling and Simulation, Projects and Paper Presentations, we have it all. Encouraging creativity and testing technical acumen has always been the motto of competitions at Radiance and we will be aiming to live up to our own legacy.

Last year we had a staggering number of competitions like the robo sumo, race car engineering and others. Real world, industry defined problem is up for the taking too when you get a chance to understand and attempt to find a solution to some some actual issue that the industry faces. If you have a mechanical engineer within you, Radiance is the place to get a headstart. Radiance 2014 promises to be new and full of extravagant fun. Come, compete with the best, and.... win!!

The problem statements for this year's edition are under preparation. Updates are soon to flow.


'Learning by Doing' is believed to be the most interesting and easy way to gain knowledge. Keeping with the above premise, Radiance brings to you a series of workshops whose objectives range from improving software skills, building theoretical foundations to make students aware of the new research going on. Sessions involving expert guidance coupled with the experience of doing everything yourself is definitely a lucrative learning opportunity.

Radiance 2013 came up with loads of interesting workshops encompassing all aspects from mechatronics to mathematical computational skills through workshops like Quadrotor, Robotic Arm Development, Scilab Workshop, The Sixth Sense

Radiance 2014 would be even more gripping with out of the box technological workshops. Stay tuned for more updates and the schedule


'Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.' - Mahatma Gandhi

'Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.' - Benjamin Franklin

Healthy interaction and exchange of ideas with experts and luminaries who have achieved laurels in industry and in research respectively is what we offer through our Lecture series. Their passionate oratory and description about their respective fields will be a very motivating experience for those aiming to emulate their success.

This year we present to you a unique combination of lectures. The recently launched GSLV D5 which made the headlines, and one of the most groundbreaking discoveries in modern times: the GOD particle will be discussed and their intricacies revealed by professionals who have been actively involved in research and experimentation for long years.

Radiance brings to you eminent scientists from Tata institute for fundamental research (TIFR) and the premiere space research organization in the country, ISRO all at the same place. The lectures are sure to be a huge package of knowledge and first hand experience.


An Opportunity to associate with IIT Bombay, one of the most prestigious institute of the counttry and be a part of our fest.

An all together reach of over 300 colleges and 40 corporate houses spread over entire nation and on-campus visibility to 10,000 students during fest and pre fest events.

Avenue to access the high quality talent by obtaining interaction with the students of IITB and other best minds of the nation. A unique opportunity for your publicity ventures and for strengthening the brand image of your firm.

Please have a look at the MARKETING BROCHURE for further details. Hoping for support from you firm in this endeavour.

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In order to give due recognition to the inquisitiveness and inventiveness of technical students, we are organizing a National Level Research Paper Presentation Competition (Vaigyaniki 2014) on 9th March 2013. This endeavour has been taken to provide a platform to potential researchers and scholars to demonstrate and further hone their skills. The event is expected to be a liaison of an esteemed panel of judges from IITB and Fellow researchers, Academicians and Students. Technical students from various regions of India would participate to discuss the emerging issues and to explore their thoughts and ideas to achieve a variety of perspectives and thus contribute to the development of the society.

We are organizing a "National Level Research Paper Presentation Competition" for the students of Technical background in Mechanical Engineering. There are five main themes which can be considered as broad categories:

1. Thermal Engineering
2. Fluid Engineering
3. Design and Manufacturing
4. Practical Projects
5. Industrial Engineering and Operation Research


THE RULES : Vaigyaniki 2014


Winner in each category will receive a cash prize of Rs 8000.
All participants will be awarded with certificates

Ayush Agrawal /

Race Car Engineering

Radiance kicked off its much awaited lecture series in October 2013. F1 car racing has always captured the imagination of budding new generation race car engineers. This was a workshop cum competition event at Radiance 2014. With discussions on what exactly goes in the making of a race car from the technical nitty grittys to how to be a professional in this area, it covered all. The participants were then divided in groups of two wherein they had to perform a task related to automobiles. It was interesting to see new ideas emerging from all around. Students from the official racing team at IIT Bombay were all around for the event.

It was a massive learning experience for all.

Speaker: Mr. Devesh Bahrti, Ex-Chief of Vehicle Dynamics, IIT Bombay Racing team, currentlly placed at Philips.

Topics covered : Suspension geometries, Vehicle aerodynamics, Ergonomics and comfort in race car, Steering responses, Acceleration performance, overall review of the Formula Student competition and the electric Race car.

Students, mostly junior undergrads bombarded their queries and got a hold of what precisely automobile engineering pertains to.
Stay tuned for more updates, Radiance is sure to bring many more such informative lectures, also from professionals, faculty members and experienced gentlemen.

The Higgs Boson

Radiance brings to you a dedicated lecture on one of sciences' most recent and phenomenal researches in modern times. What is the God Particle? What makes it so special? Was the experiment at CERN successful? What next? and many such questions will be answered.

Date : Sunday, 9th March, 2014. (Day 2 of Radiance 2014).

Time: 4:00 PM.

Speaker: Prof. Sreerup Raychaudhary.

About the speaker:
Sreerup Raychaudhuri graduated from the Presidency College, Kolkata, and did his Master's and doctoral work at the University of Calcutta. He then worked as a postdoctoral fellow at TIFR, Mumbai and at CERN, Geneva, before joining the faculty at IIT, Kanpur in 1999. At the end of 2007, he moved to TIFR, where he is working at present. He is a theoretical high energy physicist, whose principal interest lies in physics beyond the Standard Model. As such, his researchwork has been principally on the physics of Higgs bosons, supersymmetry and extra dimensions. He retains an abiding interest in pedagogy.

Brief Description of the lecture
The lecture would mainly center around particle physics and its scope in technology in times to come. Focus would be to clear all concepts about the God particle. Also, India's contribution in the experiments at CERN will be discussed, presenting new challenges and opportunities in this area of science.

Test Flight of Cryogenic engines

Radiance is glad to bring to you a talk on cryogenic propulsion engines, especially catering to the very recent successfully launched GSLV D5. Experience what goes into the design and the back end of what turns out to be a huge rocket that darts into the outer space. This was the first time that India was successful in launching an entirely cryogenically propelled rocket into the space. The reception and applause that the project has earned is enormous with India being one of the very few countries who have mastered this technology.

Date: Sunday, 9th of March, 2014 (The second day of Radiance 2014)

Time: 2:00 PM

Speaker: Shri V Narayanan

About the speaker:

Shri V Narayanan has been actively involved in the recent works with ISRO. He is currently the Deputy Director at the cryogenic Propulsion and engines. He is also the project manager for the C15 project at ISRO .He is an efficient speaker, having delivered several key addresses accross the nation.

Brief Description of the lecture
Be assured of a highly interactive lecture with several audio visual clips. The lecture will highlight the actual challenges that confronted the scientists in the making of the Space Rocket. They say for easy things, 'its not rocket science', but this time it literally is rocket science. Be ready to get professional insights about things that would definitely enchant any individual, the journey to the outer space. There couldn't have been a more apt speaker in this regard.


Catch all the action, excitement, and drama of sumo wrestling while your robot fights for you in the ring. You have to design a robot whose task is to push the opposing robot out of the circular arena. It can push, throw, flip, drag, or otherwise move the opponent out of arena in given time. The robots would compete one on one against each other in a knockā€out tournament. Wrestle and win!

Important Information

1. Students can compete in a team of maximum 4 members.

2. See the entire Problem Statement for this year's competition to check out the exact details pertaining to the format, arena, rules and gameplay

3. Registration is compulsory for participating in the competition. Click here to register for Robosumo

4. Competition will be held inside IIT Bombay campus on 9th March 2013 on the day of Radiance

5. Top three out of the winning robot will be awarded with cash prize:

1st prize: Rs 15k
2nd prize: Rs 10k
3rd prize: Rs 5k

6. No accommodation will be provided by Radiance to any of the participants.

7. The last date for registration is the 20th of February, 2014.

8. Please keep visiting our website/ facebook page for any updates regarding the Competition.

For more information, contact:

Shreyas Kumar Sharma
+91-9619853641 |


Its 2014. The football world cup fever is around. Radiance presents you its version of the game of soccer. Take our words for it, this won't be requiring any less skills. Get that ball past our opponent and into the goal, get all your creativity running wild. Build your own robo-messi and robo-ronaldo and showoff your skills in a football match.

The atmosphere will be fully charged up as two robots face off in a one-on-one match to decide whos the better at the game. Speed, accuracy of maneuvering, tactics all will be put to a test. Be assured to have fun creating your machine and watch it play the world's most liked game.

Important instructions

1. For the exact details about the bot specifications and match play rules, check out the PROBLEM STATEMENT

2. The event wil be conducted at the time of Raidance 2014, i.e. 9th of March.

3. Prizes will be awrded to winners as follows:

First Prize: INR 15,000/-

Second Prize: INR 10,000/-

Third Prize: INR 5,000/-

4. Please Register for RoboSoccer, here.

5. The last date for registration is 20th of Feb. Note that this is the last date for registration, yo need not have a ready bot at that time. All checks and adherence to the rules will be ensured at the time of the event itself.

6. Please keep visiting our website/ facebook page for any updates regarding the Competition

Contact Information

Shreyas Kumar Sharma
+91-9619853641 |

Photography Competition

Radiance conducted a Photography competition in November 2013. The theme for the event was "Life without Machines". Received enormous participation and innovative clicks by enthusiasts. The judging was done by professionals based on the concept, creativity and overall impact.

The prizes were given based on the number of facebook likes on the pics posted on our Radiance page, and the judges discretion. Prizes worth INR 3000 were up for grabs. Radiance organizes such creative competitions from time to time to bring about the best part within you. Not just core Mechancial engineering, but art and creativity are also encouraged here at Radiance. Stay tuned to get more updates. Check out our facebook page for the best entries in the competition...

Here are few of the entries pertaining to the theme...

Industry Defined Problem

IDP at Radiance fuels your curiosity to be a fountainhead of ideas for solving burgeoning problems which constantly bother today's industry and innovators. Research personnel are always at their toes to solve them, in their hot pursuit for pronouncing elegant answers to complex questions.

This year's IDP is in association with Waterjet Germany. The winners will be getting an exclusive chance to work at the company for an internship. Find out the technicalities and enjoy the experience hand on. And obviously, loads of accolades from team Radiance.

In IDP, we give you the perfect podium to showcase the researcher inside you, where you have to exhibit your engineering skills. Innovation, with great deal of practicality is the central theme of the event. The stage is set and if you think you have it in you, get ready for the showdown at Radiance.

And not to mention winners will get more than a prize "a thunder of applause and appreciation from the best industry persons". So, participate and prove your mettle in applied engineering.


Registration Form for IDP 2014


1. Step 1:
Participants have to send final ppt of their solution on or before 5th march 2014 till 5pm. Solutions will be evaluated and a shortlist will be released for the 2nd stage. Some general guidelines for the submission will be provided.
2. Step 2:
Results for the 1st stage will be declared on 6th march 2014 itself by 8 pm. Kindly check the website to know the results. Selected entries will be allowed to present their solution in front of an esteemed panel of judges.
3. Note: Team of maximum two members is allowed
4. Submit your ppt at :
5. Registration is mandatory for participating in the competition.

For any queries mail us at

Contact Details:
Hemant Patne | 8983145441
Shreerang Dhawedkar | 9820726377

MATLAB Workshop

The first of all workshops was on one of the most succesful emerging mathematics and computations software MATLAB. The attendees were properly explained of the powers of MATLAB, and the examples of actual use of computations in proper applications.

Date : Sunday, 10th November, 2013

Speaker: Mr. Pratyush Nalla, senior Design engineer, IIT Bombay Racing

The session was delivered with precision and touched several aspects of the software. Rght fom the installation to intricate details, the technical niche was very well explained to all the participants. Exampls ranged from the actual codes developed to carry out mathematical simulations to some theoretically standard codes that are used profoundly in the industry. The workshop also touched on Simulink aspect of MATLAB, which is a very simple and easy GUI for programming.

Topics covered: Basic matrix operations, statistics : distribution, regression analysis, calculus : differential equation, integrations, linear programming, classical optimization theory, constrained and unconstrained optimization, SIMULINK, aerospace toolbox, and much more...

Radiance Workshops are the highlight of the show. In our software series, we will be bringing you SOILDWORKS, ANSYS and others too, with professional speakers. A lot to learn, is a simple way to explain the proceeding of Radiance workshops. Stay tuned for more updates, regarding the finalized dates for the workshops.

Indo - US Roboleague

Radiance presents the International robotics and competition and workshop series. Radiance, in association with Technophilia, and the institute of the USA, brings to you a workshop on "The Legged Mobile Botix".

DATE : 8th AND 9th OF MARCH, 2014.

Radiance presents to you a chance at the International RoboGAMES, awarded the Guiness record for the world's largest robotics competition.

Attend this robotics workshop.

Build a mobile phone controlled legged robot using AVR microcontroller.

Winners of Zonal round will participate in the national round of IURL to be held at IIT Bombay in March 2014.

Winners of National level of the event will get a free trip to San Francisco, USA for the RoboGAMES

Stay tuned at this space for updates....

Click here to register for the Indo US Roboleague Workshop.

Register for the event as soon as possible, you do not want to miss out on a chance for this exciting event.
Entry fees for the workshop would be Rs. 780/- per student.

For any queries, contact:
Shreerang Dhawedkar | 9820726377
Vineel Grandhi | 8976549224