About Radiance

Radiance is the annual technological and research festival of the Department of Mechanical Engineering, IIT Bombay. Established way back in 2007, with an aim of creating a common platform for the entire mechanical engineering community within the country, Radiance has grown with each passing year.
At Radiance, with a plethora of events and activities, we assure you to deliver the best. Radiance now extends is reach to more than 200 colleges across the country. We would like you to be a part of this endeavour and help us maximize our reach to your campus and further.

Campus Ambassador Program

To connect with enthusiastic people and to bring more and more colleges in our reach, we have the campus ambassador program. You get a unique opportunity to associate with Radiance IIT Bombay, and get timely updates about the events viz. workshops, lectures, to be held at the time of Radiance. Campus Ambassadors will be our points of contact for any communication. A wonderful opportunity to showcase your leadership and public relationship skills, the campus ambassador program would surely be a worthy experience. We invite applications from your side, no restrictions on the stream of the applicant. Anyone from any field of study can apply for the campus ambassador program.

Why CR?

An opportunity to enhance communication skills as you get to interact with other College Representatives and students from yours and other colleges.
It will improve your social and management skills to organise social eventsin your college.
Get an organizational certificate from RADIANCE IIT Bombay on successful completion of tenure.

Responsibilities ​

The campus ambassador is supposed to carry out the following simple tasks

Send emails to all students in his/her college groups for proper dissemination of updates sent by Team Radiance.

Share Facebook posts from the official page of Radiance IIT Bombay on all college groups to which he/she is added.

Put up posters on college notice boards sent by team Radiance within 3 days.

Ensure student participation from his/her college in competitions, workshops held at IIT Bombay during Radiance 2019.

Help team Radiance in coordinating workshops or events at his/her college


Top three ambassadors stand a chance to win prizes worth 15000. 

Free Accommodation for top 3 ambassadors.

The campus ambassador from the college which has the maximum number of participants during Radiance 2019 will get a special certificate of appreciation handed over at the time of Radiance 2019.

All Campus Ambassadors will be given a certificate of appreciation from the Department of Mechanical Engineering, IIT Bombay after successful completion of their term.

A great opportunity to be associated with the activities of an event from IIT Bombay dedicated to research and creating a competitive environment.

Will surely boost up your public relationship and communication skills, enriching your overall personality.

A great opportunity to be team leaders of your college contingent during the festival.

Terms and Conditions

Radiance shall not bear the costs incurred by the Campus Ambassador.

The student may seek help from his/her own college on their own discretion.

Radiance reserves the right to call back the responsibilities, in case of non-compliance to expectations. There should be minimum of hundred Points on CA portal. 

All queries must be directed only to ambassador@radianceiitb.org and not to Mechanical engineering Dept or to IIT Bombay.

More than one ambassador can be selected from one college based on applications and college strengths.

The ambassador’s program is intended to further enhance our connect with enthusiastic and interested people.

All efforts must be directed to achieve the same goal.

Radiance IIT Bombay can change the terms and conditions if deemed necessary ​