• IC Engine


    Internal Combustion or IC Engines have had a great impact on human life. These engines produce immense power in contrast to their size and weight. Today, these engines power almost all air and land vehicles.

    In this workshop students get firsthand experience of the working principles for IC Engine Design. By dismantling a real IC Engine into components, participants can explore the engineering involved in an automotive engine system.

    Date : 13th March 2016

    Fee: INR990 per applicant

    Workshop Structure

    • Lecture Session - 3 hrs

    • Design Session - 1 hr

    • Hands-on Session - 5 hrs

    Topics Covered

    1. Theory Session -

    • Basic Components of a Motor Cycle

    • Advanced Ignition, Braking and Exhaust systems

    • Advanced topics on Turbo and Nitro charged Engines

    • Component and structure of Chassis, Handling and steering system

    • Advanced topics on Engine Control Unit, Sensors, and Actuators etc.

    2. Design Session

    • Design and detailed sketching of Piston assembly

    3. Hands-on Session -

    • Dismantling of the engine into individual components

    • Analyzing all the components first hand

    • Live demonstration of the internal engine mechanisms

    • Re-assembly of the engine

    Kit Content

    • 4 stroke Bajaj pulsar DTSI engine *

    • Working Tools *

    These components would be provided during the workshop but would be taken back after the workshop. This is being done to reduce the cost of the workshop and make it affordable for students.

    Online Portal

    Participants have access to an exclusive online portal to:

    • View status of registered and attended workshops

    • View study material for workshops

    •Write online exams and receive separate certificates with scores. These certificates with scores will provide students an opportunity to show their learning in job interviews.


    • Certificates will be provided to all participant after the workshop on behalf of Radiance 2016 and Aerotrix.

    • All AerotriX certificates have a unique ID which can be verified online for authentication

    •Certificate of Completion with Distinction (for top performers).


    • Any one can register who is interested.


    Rishabh Susatkar

    [email protected]


    Saksham Gakhar

    [email protected]


  • 3d Printing


    Do you know about the technology that is going to change the future of manufacturing? Learn everything you need to know to design your own products. Explore the latest 3D Printing technology and the functionality of a 3D printer. This workshop offers every participant the chance to design objects of his/her choice like a vase, a piece of jewellery or a jet plane.

    Date : 12th March 2016

    Time 10 AM to 5 PM

    INR 890 per applicant

    Topics Covered

    1. Introduction to 3D Printing: Learn about the origins of 3D Printing. Discover the incredibly innovative ways the technology is being used for research as well as business.

    2.The 3D Printing Process:Understand the process flow of a typical 3D printing project. Learn about different materials, their advantages and constraints that can be used to print objects.

    3. Designing products using CAD software:Get hands on training on designing your own products using AutoCAD and associated tools. Learn about 3D Scanning.

    4. Using a Slicer: Learn about the slicing operation, converting a 3D drawing into a printable format such as .STL.

    5. Operation of a 3D Printer: Learn to use a typical user interface and associated control software, sending a machine code file from the computer to the 3D printer, changing parameters on run time (e.g. speed, flow and temperature), moving the print head manually around the x/y/z axis.

    Rules and Certification

    • Certificates will be provided to all participant after the workshop on behalf of Radiance 2016.

    • Any one can register who is interested.

    What you need to carry

    • Laptop

    • Pen Drive

    Industrial Relevance

    3D printers are bringing about a revolution in manufacturing and entrepreneurs and corporations have woken up to the power of this disruptive technology. The multi-billion dollar industry is growing at an exponential rate and is being put to innovative use by companies across the world for purposes of prototyping and product development. Plunge into this arena for a career in animation and design, computer and software Design or 3D printing design.


    Rishabh Susatkar

    [email protected]


    Saksham Gakhar

    [email protected]