• RoboSumo

    Prizes worth INR 15,000



    Design a robot whose task is to push the opposing robot out of the circular arena. It can push, drag, or otherwise move the opponent out of arena in given time. The robots would compete one-on-one against each other in a knock-out tournament.

    Gameplay Rules

    • The teams will compete in one-on-one basis in a knockout format with the winning team qualifying for the next round.

    • Each match will consist of 3 rounds, with a time limit of 2 minutes for each round, unless extended by the organizers.

    • A round ends when
    i. A bot is pushed completely out of the arena
    ii. A bot falls out of the arena by itself
    iii. A bot is immobilized for more than 30 seconds
    iv. The prescribed time limit is reached

    • The team which wins more number of rounds shall win the match.

    • If a match is not won by either team within the time limit, an extended round will be fought, during which the team who wins the round shall be declared the winner.

    • A round shall be stopped and restarted if both robots remain stationary or entangled with each other without any perceivable progress for 10 seconds.

    • A time out of 2 minute will be given in between each of the 3 rounds. Teams must prepare their robots for next round within this time interval. Teams unable to adhere to this time limit would lose the round.

    • At the beginning of each round, the two robots will be placed on "Shikiri" lines. The robots should be positioned such that the straight line joining them passes through the center point of the arena.

    Robot Specification

    • The robot must fit within a square box of following dimensions initially: Width: 30cm, Length: 30cm, Height: No constraint.

    • The total mass of the robot must not exceed 5kgs.

    • Robots can be autonomous or remote controlled. Wired or wireless remotes can be used.

    • The robot should be electrically powered. The power supply must be on-board. Potential difference between any two points must not exceed 15 volts.

    • For more details please see the problem statement


    • All students with a valid identity card of their respective educational institutes are eligible to participate.

    • Maximum of 4 members per team. Participants from different branches/ college can team up together.

    Certificate Policy

    • Certificate of excellence would be awarded to top 3 teams.

    • Certificate of participation would be awarded to all the teams participating in the competition.

    • All the members of the team must be present whole time during the event to be eligible for certificate.


    Rishabh Susatkar

    [email protected]


    Sreeram Palreddy


  • Vaigyaniki

    Prizes worth INR 20,000


    About Vaigyaniki

    Vaigyaniki, the flagship event of Radiance, is back again this year. The annual technological and research paper presentation competition to be held at IIT Bombay is an amazing opportunity to showcase your research in the field of Mechanical Engineering. Vaigyaniki offers you a great chance to compete with fellow scholars from across the country, and interact with professionals and renowned scientists in the field, all at the same time. Make your patents, research work known to all in the industry, getting valuable feedback with a chance to win the coveted prize for the best research work in the country in mechanical engineering.

    Vaigyaniki, has always been a sought after event by all leading engineers in the country, attracting attention from the academia. With the launch of Vaigyaniki 2016, we take another step to our objective of bringing out the best in Mechanical Engineering.

    Problem Statement

    VAIGYANIKI invites submissions of research thesis (papers), creative projects, and innovative product developments pertaining to Mechanical Engineering in following Categories:

    1. Thermal and Fluid Engineering

    2. Manufacturing Engineering and Industrial engineering & Operational Research

    3. Design and practical projects

    To participate, students are required to register online on the link available above. Also they are required mail an abstract of their project in the sample format given in point (9) to [email protected]

    For more information view the full set of rules for the competition

    Paper Format

    The participants should send a concise write- up in the form of a paper following the given paper format: Times New Roman font, Font size: 12, Line spacing 1.5. Limit the paper to 14 - A4 size pages with normal margins.

    The write-up should consist of abstract, literature survey, objectives, methodology, experimental and/or theoretical details, observations, conclusions and references.Figures, photographs, charts etc., facilitating better understanding of the work can be added.

    The reports submitted should not contain any identification of the participant or their college, guide, etc. on any page except the front page.

    View the sample format here


    The submitted papers will be reviewed by a panel of experts in a two-step process

    Detailed review of abstracts based on structure, composition, and technical merit for shortlisting and acceptance into the final competition.

    The shortlisted teams will be invited to present their research work along with working models(if any) to an esteemed panel during Radiance'16 (13th March) at IIT Bombay. On-site judging will be based on both presentation and technical merit.

    The time allotted for presentation will be 8 minutes, followed by 10 minutes of discussion. Participants must strictly comply with time limits, failing on which shall be penalized by negative marking.


    All undergraduate and graduate students who are currently studying in any Educational Institute in India are eligible.

    Maximum of five persons are allowed per entry (i.e. maximum 5 authors or project executioners).

    Best Implementation Award:

    Vaigyaniki introduces 'best implementation award' acclaiming the practical implementation of ideas. Best implementation award will be awarded to the project that has converted the idea into workable form.

    The projects competing for "Best Implementation Award" should bring their working model/prototypes along with them. For industrial projects, the participants should bring a video clip of the working model accompanied by authentication letter for the video, duly attested by HOD/project guide.


    Saksham Gakhar

    [email protected]


    Rishabh Susatkar

    [email protected]


  • IDP - Mahindra

    Prizes worth INR 30,000

    Registration Deadline: 10th March 2016

    Solution Submission Deadline: 10th March 2016


    The Industry Defined Problem, the flagship event of Radiance is back again this year to give all an opportunity to rack their brains in actual industrial problems. This year the problem statement is provided by Mahindra. A good chance to apply theoretical concepts to real world scenario, we present you an interesting opportunity wherein you need to come up with a new and efficient methodology methodologies for any 1 or both of the problems.

    You can choose any of the following two problem statements:

    Problem Statement 1: Dynamic Analysis of Belt Drive System to Estimate Steering Pump Shaft Loads

    Problem Statement 2: Determination of Inertia Properties of Irregular bodies

    Set your ideas rolling and put your concepts to the actual test in an attempt to be the winner of the prestigious IDP 2016!


    The Industry Defined Problem is sure enough the most awaited event at Radiance 2016 with the highest prize money up for grabs.

    The top winners will be given cash prizes worth INR 30,000.


    1. Entries would be in groups of at max 3 members per group

    2. The presentations should be submitted to '[email protected]' . The subject of the mail should be 'IDP_name1_Name2_Name3'

    3. The presentations must be mailed in standard pdf, .pptx or .ppt format only

    4. The last date for submission of the entries is 10th March

    5. The results of the first round declaring the selected candidates would be announced by 10th March

    6. All the selected candidates would be communicated regarding the same via email

    7. All the candidates selected for the final round will be awarded a certificate of excellence from Radiance IIT Bombay

    8. The final round of IDP would be held on 13th March 2016 at IIT Bombay. The exact timing and venue will be communicated to the winners via email

    9. All queries regarding problem statement should be directed to [email protected]

    10.The winners for the event would be declared and felicitated on the spot after the judges are done with the evaluation.

    Judging criteria

    The reports and presentations would be scrutinized by several experts and professionals both from IIT Bombay and from Mahindra. Top seven teams would be selected to qualify for the final round of presentation to be held at Radiance 2016. The judging criteria would be based on the following areas with respect to the presentations:

    1. Adherence to theoretical concepts

    2. Practical feasibility

    3. Reasoning

    4. Economic analysis

    5. Quality of analysis

    Besides, the final round will focus also on the presentation skills and the answers to the asked questions by the judges.

    All decisions on behalf of team Radiance would be final and binding and will follow a perfect protocol.

    Terms and conditions

    All ideas, know-how, inventions conceptualized and/or developed by the participants in relation to the problem statement will be owned by Mahindra.

    Mahindra will retain the ownership of all documents, submissions, presentations, prototypes etc. submitted by the participants in relation to the problem statement.

    Mahindra will have the sole and exclusive right to commercialize any ideas, know-how, inventions which are submitted by the participants in relation to the problem statement./p>

    Any intellectual property created by the participants in relation to the problem statement shall be deemed assigned to Mahindra upon submitting to Radiance.


    Shashi Chaurasia

    [email protected]


  • EDP Workshop and DPR writing Competition

    Get mentoring from MSME

    Registration Deadline: 10th March 2016

    Do you have an idea which can transform the Nation? Do you want to be a beneficiary of the various initiatives of the Indian government such as Make in India and Start up India which can provide the very much needed boost to your start up idea? The EDP programme is meant for you.

    Event Structure

    • 9 am to 12 am - Workshop by NIESBUD representative On Entrepreneurship Development Program & Entrepreneurship prospects in India

    • 2 pm to 5 pm - Presentation of Ideas and DPR

    • 5 pm - Closing of the event

    Present Ideas in the following fields

    • Automobile

    • Automobile Components

    • Aviation

    • Biotechnology

    • Chemicals

    • Construction

    • Defence Manufacturing

    • Electrical Machinery

    • Electronic Systems

    • IT and BPM

    • Leather

    • Media and Entertainment

    • Mining

    • Oil and Gas

    • Pharmaceuticals

    • Portable Shipping

    • Railways

    • Roads and Highways

    • Renewable energy

    • Pharmaceuticals

    • Space

    • Textile and Garments

    • Thermal Power

    • Tourism and hospitality

    • Wellness

    Any other innovative ideas are also invited

    There are tremendous growth potential in all in all the sectors mentioned above.

    Did you know that the biggest companies in India such as Reliance, Tata and L&T have built their company by investing their time and efforts in building great projects which have long term sustainability and large visibility?

    Rules for DPR Writing Competition

    • Entries can be in group or individual.

    • Participants have to write a ‘Detailed Project Report’ (DPR) explaining your idea.

    Your report should at least contain these points:

    i. Introduction of Project

    ii. Market Potential

    iii. Technical/Practical feasibility of your product

    iv. Durability/Reliability of the product/method.

    v. Financial Aspects

    Here are some examples:This is the final thing, such detail is 'not' expected at this stage.
    1) Automobile wires.
    2) Electric Tandoor.
    3) Agricultural Implement.
    4) Jaws for CNC.
    5) Tomato Products.

    • You have to submit final DPR (pdf or doc format) on or before 10th March.

    • Abstracts or DPR should be submitted to [email protected]

    • You will be presenting your idea in-front of representatives of NIESBUD- MSME during the Radiance.

    • The judging will be done by two representatives sent by the Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME)

    • 15 minutes will be given to your team for the presentation, you must be ready with your presentation well before your slot during the competition (pdf, .pptx or .ppt format will be accepted only).

    • All queries should be directed to [email protected]


    • The representatives will help you take your idea forward by informing you about various schemes under which your industry can grow.

    • They can guide you by providing application for such schemes and helping you to be beneficiaries of schemes which you didn't know about.

    • The best two proposals will receive further mentoring, a memento and certificate in recognition of their excellence.

    • They will be available to assist you as your industry grows.


    All the candidates will be awarded a certificate of participation from Radiance IIT Bombay

    EDP Certificate from NIESBUD- Ministry of MSME will only be issued after successful occurrence of the test/assessment which is free of cost.

    The fee for EDP certification is Rs.300/- will be charged from those who will be interested to enroll in this/ other wise there is no fee if they don't wish to enroll for EDP.

    Dream Big

    True entrepreneurs do not run behind venture capitalists. The venture capitalists will run behind you. You just need to get started in the right direction. Do not kill your dream by selling your company to venture capitalists when it is young.

    You will need assistance from bank in the form of loans, facilities such as machines, working space, knowledge of various vendors, quality assurance in the form of ISO and a lot of other things when you get started. Starting a company is easy. Making it grow is the challenge. Seeing it be successful is a dream. This might just be the right place to get started on your dream.


    Rishabh Susatkar

    [email protected]


    Thomas Stanly

    [email protected]